The End Of Horizon eSports

Dear Community Members,

I have some unfortunate news that I have to deliver due to an executive decision made regarding an extremely difficult situation. Due to Millsy’s extremely abrupt decision to resign, and after further investigation of seeing little to no work completed on his end, I’ve decided to close the Horizon eSports division of Horizon Gaming Community.

It’s unfortunately something that I can no longer support financially and the community itself has extremely limited resources as of now and can not support itself with eSports.

We hope that our eSports members will continue to join us as community members as we look to expand the game variety that we are able to offer with several games on the horizons that we are exploring as an addition to our community.

Those with any questions, comments, or concerns are encouraged to contact myself directly via Discord. We hope to be able to bring back Horizon eSports at a time when it makes sense for us to do so and are in a better position.

Moving forward, Horizon intends to develop strong community gaming programs, starting with the re-development of Arma 3, Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay, Eco (coming back soon), and are currently exploring Minecraft along with a few other games. On top of that we will be doing our best in order to support our content creators in order to build a win-win relationship and expand the reach on both ends.

We wish the best to our eSports team players the best in their future endeavors and hope to come across them in the future.


Founder & Community Director

Chad McLetchie

AIO Marketing