Grand Theft auto v

Welcome, and congratulations on being accepted into one of the several divisions we have within the province of San Andreas here in Horizon. This page will go over everything you need to know from installing FiveM, to the plugins and downloads you need to play on our server, as well as some basic know-how to manage yourself in-game. Further unit-specific training will be carried out by unit staff so be sure to figure out when your next training session is!


Installing Fivem

FiveM is a modification for Grand Theft Auto V enabling you to play multiplayer on customized dedicated servers. You run the game through the FiveM application, allowing you to join and play on multiplayer servers.

Install Instructions:

Client side plugins

While you can now join our FiveM server by simply installing FiveM, there are additional plugins and scripts that need to be downloaded in order to enhance your experience on our server. We try to keep the link below as updated as possible. There are basic instructions included but should you need more assistance, reach out to your command staff in order to get further aid.

Download Link:



Join Our Server

Upon opening FiveM.exe, and letting it load you will see a navigation bar across the top.

  1. Click on Servers (beside Home)

  2. Search for “Horizon Gaming Community”

  3. Hover over our server listing (the one with our logo on the left)

  4. Click on the server title

  5. Click Favourite (for easy access moving forward you can locate our server by clicking on Favourites across the top navigation bar instead of searching)

  6. Now click connect and you’ll be brought onto the server!

Police training Sessions

If you have joined the San Andreas Provincial Police, you must go through the San Andreas Police College and complete three (3) training modules as laid out below.

  1. Self Study:

  2. In-Game Training

    • Keep an eye on the website calendar and discord for scheduled training sessions. You must read through the self study guide before participating in module 2 training.

  3. Closing Exam

    • You will be required to pass your closing exam with a score of 85% or more

    • Your exam will be comprised of both out-of-game questions and in-game scenario practices



Civilian Operations

Joined us as a civilian? Awesome! Always ensure you remain realistic, professional, and have fun! As a civilian there are rules and guidelines that need to be followed. Please ensure you speak with your command staff to get the most up to date information. As a civilian you are responsible for:

  • Enhancing the roleplay experience

  • Growing your own character story lines

  • Interacting with other units within San Andreas (Police/Fire/EMS)

  • Utilizing CAD for character creation and maintaining updated information

  • Having fun and bringing life to the Province of San Andreas

S.A. Dispatch Centre

Dispatchers further enhance the entire roleplay experience. Interacting with all members of the community including first responders and civilians, they are a key part of the community. Our Dispatchers have access to our unique Computer Aided Dispatching (C.A.D.) software in order to be able to efficiently carryout their duties including:

  • Answering 911 calls

  • Creating calls for officers within the CAD

  • Persons, vehicles, and weapons record checks

  • Dispatching emergency services to calls to service

  • Maintaining a professional unbiased approach to all situation



Registering on C.a.d.

Our community utilizes a software to allow our first responders to have access to calls, run information, access to dispatch, and much more. It’s a very important piece of equipment. Civilians are also required to have access in order to add their characters into the database and are expected to maintain those characters.


  1. Click on request access

  2. Insert your name, email, and create a password

  3. Contact a member of your command staff for the access password

  4. Click Next and choose the units you need access to (only click on the logos of the units in which you are apart of)

  5. Click request access and wait up to 24 hours for access to be granted